“Mohammad AlNajar”: Reflection upon His Success Story

Mariya el amraoui

This is not your average fly-by-night success story, but one of perseverance, never giving up, and prospering on success, one of inspiration for the Arab World’s aspiring youth, one of experimenting with cultures, challenging life and its countless hindrances, exploring opportunities and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of each position he held, one of discovering the world and its mysteries, drawing upon learned lessons, expanding knowledge, and delving into cultures… This is how the success story of “Mohammad AlNajar” unfolded.


“Mohammad AlNajar” paved his way to success from an early age.
An adventurous person by nature, he has always believed in making his dreams come true. In fact, has persevered toward creating the future he had always wanted when he first engaged in trading activities, while he was still a high-school student. Back then, receiving an education was not his only carried out task, but has also sold school stationery and accessories and tutored privately, thus achieving full contentment whenever he drew a smile upon the face of his colleagues and friends who were satisfied with the products and services he obtained from and whenever he made some cash which he has always used selflessly. For AlNajar, money was never a tool for achieving personal happiness and subsistence, but one for lending a hand to his friends in need and younger brothers.

In addition to the first steps he has taken, “Mohammad AlNajar” has also silently observed the behavior and attitude of businessmen and investors who have already written their names in the book of success. As such, the lessons he has drawn from the inspiring entrepreneurs has assisted him at shaping his character and persevering toward achieving his aspirations, all the while pursuing a university education which was crowned with success.


His career was inaugurated with assuming the position of a salesperson at RadioShack in Dubai, an American Company where his wit and intelligence were not left unnoticed but have put him on the fast track for multiple promotions. AlNajar’s career was also supplemented with various training abroad. Thus, it took him less than two years to become the Senior Sales Representative for all the Company’s branches in Dubai.


It was then when his success became evident and global company began seeking him for employment, whereby he joined the internationally renowned Japanese company Hitachi where he served as its Regional Manager for the MENA Region for six years, not only contributing to the company through knowledge exchange and transfer, but also discovering an unknown passion for travel and discovery.


Then, it was not long before Mohammad AlNajar decided to independently delve into the world of business on his own with passion. Thus, he established various public relations, trading, restaurants, and entertainment companies that were nurtured through the learned lessons he has drawn from his trips around the world which further contributed to the success and global reputation of his brand name.


Nonetheless, his trips around the globe did not only lead him through the discovery of new cultures, but he has also learnt various languages which assisted him at investing in other countries. Whereas his decision was one of the hardest he ever had to make, the outcome of his plan was outstanding, and his experience soon became coined with success.


Upon his return to the United Arab Emirates, while being equipped with various worldwide and local successes and victories, “AlNajar” soon decided to identify the gems of opportunities in another field: Real Estate.
As we await him to grab success in the Real Estate field by the horns, “Mohammad AlNajar” has addressed a piece of advice to the aspiring youth who look up to him: “My advice would be worthless at a time when His Royal Highness, Sheikh “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum” is our wise leader, advisor and role model. His Royal Highness has always considered that the sky is the limit.


May Allah shower his Blessing upon the United Arab Emirates and the Wise Leadership.”

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